Established in 2002, Roadkill Inc. started off as a nationwide fixture installation and flooring company. That’s where the name comes in, or at least the “road” part of it. The “kill” was more for shock factor.

As time went on we incorporated more trades to our scope. Now we are doing every trade short of the MEPs.

When we estimate we give line items and descriptions for what is included with each trade. If we are high on a trade we have no problem with only getting awarded selective trades rather than all of them. We work with other subs well and hold no grudges for not getting the work they are performing.


No backcharges between the trades we perform

How many times do you have to deal with he said she said between subs? By having us perform all the trades, we know what precautions to take to make sure the next trade is set up correctly. There are no gray areas.

Reliability and Confidence

No shooting in the dark with random subs wondering if they know what they are doing. We have a portfolio of over 370 completed projects available for your reference.

Less or easier paperwork

We know what paperwork is required to perform retail or commercial construction and are efficient getting you what you need. Whether you need estimates, invoices, change orders, contracts signed, lien waivers, warranties, W-9s, certificates of insurance, etc.; we are familiar with it all, and can email or fax any document needed.


Roadkill Inc. uses up to date takeoff software to make sure every estimate is as efficient as possible. We also use cost code line item estimating to ensure everyone know what we have included in our quotes. Because Roadkill Inc. uses time tracking hardware on each site we’re confident our employees are being as efficient as possible. We are able to see how many hours employees put in on each phase and trade of the project, and can identify if everything is being completed in a timely manner.


Roadkill Inc. strives to form relationships with our clients, especially since we travel. We  understand that impressing our clients on current projects means they will want to use us on future projects. We work hard to impress on each and every job. The majority of our work comes from clients that have used us before.

Please email us with any questions or requests at contact@roadkillinc.com